Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Disney Attractions for You

Disney an amazing magical sea of wonders to all. you will findwith lively events, tastes, larger than life characters, and sounds and smells. Disney has so much you may get lost when you first arrive, and decide on what it is you will do when you get there. Here is a must have to assist you: The Disney World Savings Guide.

Here are the 7 must see attractions available at the Disney theme parks, to get you started!

Number one is Disney's Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom was the original Disney theme park, and is now a staple feature in all Disney locations. The top attractions here are for the thrill seekers, namely the mountain roller coasters, Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. There is a third one, but those are the two most popular at Magic Kingdom.

At Epcot Center, you will find a conitnuous festival atmosphere. There is world international pavilion which is a wonderful eating extravganza as well as a way to enjoy live entertainment. In my opinion the best attraction is the IllumiNations fireworks show presented after dark over the lagoon. It's beautiful and not an attraction you will want to miss!

Disney's MGM Studios has several great attractions, but one of the most popular there is the Tower of Terror. Once again designed for the thrill seeker, just making the trip to the tower is an experience in and of itself. And once you find yourself inside the elevator, plummeting in a mere seconds long free fall you will understand the appeal, and most likely want to do it again!

Another very popular attraction at MGM is Jim Henson's Muppet Vision 3-D, which is an excellent choice for the whole family. The spectacular technology coupled with the lovable Muppet's make this attraction a must see for everyone.

Finally, we have Disney's Animal Kingdom, which is an amazing experience all on it's own. It's focus, while still having rides like a typical theme park also features an awe inspiring African animal safari. The two top featured attractions for Animal Kingdom are Expedition Everest, which is the first 'true' roller coaster available there, and Kilimanjaro Safari. Be aware though that Expedition Everest is for the real adrenaline junkie. The roller coaster tops out in speeds almost twice that of Space mountain, roughly 50 miles per hour, with some hair raising bends and turns.

Kilimanjaro Safari is suitable for all ages, and basically you get to ride an open sided, safari truck across Harambe Wildlife Reserve. The ride can be a bit uncomfortable for some if your not into bumpy, but the rewards are well worth it. You will see spectacular wild animals like zebras, giraffes, elephants, flamingo's, cheetahs, and baboons, just to name a few. And since animals are fickle creatures no safari ride is ever the same. You will see what you will see, and next time around you could just see something amazingly different. Definitely a do not miss attraction of Animal Kingdom!

There you have it, the top 7 must see things to do at the 4 Disney theme parks. There are tons of other things to do inside each park, and tons of things to see, so don't limit yourself to just one or two. It could in fact take you several days to wade through all the great things to see and do inside Walt Disney World theme parks, so you might want to just plan on taking your time and getting a 4 day pass or something similar. Trust me, you will have a blast! And remember to really have an insiders views of what really goes on inside, claim your copy of The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide.

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