Sunday, June 19, 2011

Visiting Disney's Hollywood Studio

When you arrive at Disney's Hollywood Studio's you will be on Hollywood Boulevard. Look for Mickey's sorcerer's hat and now you can decide where you will go first.

Mickey's sorcerer's hat is absolutely the best place to take pictures. Make sure you get there early because it is the place to find your favorite Disney characters. The best time is about 9 AM. As you make your way to Mickey's hat be sure to visit some of the stores along the way. Be sure to look on the sales racks for some extra special savings.

Right in back of Mickey's hat is The Great Movie ride, which will take you through some familiar movie history of great American movies like Tarzan and The Wizard Of OZ. Later, you can turn right onto Sunset Boulevard and check out two the the major MGM attractions there, which are geared to the thrill seekers.

First up, the not to be missed Tower of Terror, which is the most popular attraction of MGM studios. Experience a scary thrill dropping 13 flights in an elevator, and then go back and do it again! After that you can hop on the Rockin' Roller Coaster and rock out while barreling along the track going from 0-60 mph in no time flat. Here is a great tip, claim your copy of  The Disney World Savings Guide. You will have all of the inside scoops and tricks.

If you have little one's with you, go to Beauty And The Beast- Live On Stage, and for a quick snack, Rosie's All American Cafe is a real winner. You will also find a number of other food options available for you.

After lunch, make sure you go to the Animation Courtyard. There you can hop on the Star Tour's simulator for a fun excursion into all the characters of Star Wars. After that, ramp up the excitement with the Indian Jones Stunt Spectacular, a live stage show sure to entertain both you and the little one's. If you arrive early you can even get the chance to volunteer as extra during the show!

Later you can walk The Streets Of America, there you will discover some of Hollywood Studio's best adventures. Muppet Vision 3-D, Honey, I Shrunk The Kids Movie Set Adventure, and The Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show. At Muppet Vision 3-D, you get to watch those adorable muppets literally pop out of the screen at you, and enjoy a bit of cool relief while you get a stitch in your side from laughter.

The stunt show is a must see, as you will get a behind the scenes look at how some of Hollywood stunts are done. On the Honey I Shrunk The Kids Move Set Adventure, allow your kids to visit the playground and let them get an idea of what it REALLY means to be one of the 'little people'. You, will get some great pictures, be sure to have your camera ready!

Top it all off with some pizza from the Toy Story Pizza Planet Arcade, and then head over to the night time show Fantasmic. Here you will watch Mickey engage with some familiar characters, in the midst of laser effects. This is simply a spectacular show. You will have to go early if you want a seat! Seats are taken fairly quickly. Enjoy!

For more tips check out: The Disney World Savings Guide.

You will not be disappointed..

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